#GamerGate: What You Need to Know About GamerGate

The hashtag #Gamergate was started by a number of gamers in response to the GamerGate controversy that has recently engulfed the gaming community.A number of prominent women have also spoken out against the movement.The hashtag has become an online movement and is often associated with anti-feminist sentiment.In recent weeks, the hashtag has been used byRead More

How to pay your bills with Family Shope

A family shop like Family Shopes or the Family Guys Cookie Shop sells items from all over the world that are used by thousands of families and individuals, but it’s a big deal for a couple in the San Diego area who are trying to pay their bills.That couple is Sarah and John Bowers.The coupleRead More

How to make a family photo print shop

Family shopping act and dream family shopping act are two of the biggest names in the family photo printing business.They both have their roots in the photo printing community and they both share a similar mission: to make your family photo prints as amazing as possible.In this guide, we will explore how to create familyRead More