How to build a family coffee house: 5 steps

The best family coffee shops are often hidden away in family-owned coffee shops or at family events.They may have an open-air patio or a garden with an apple tree and a pond.In the case of Bates Family, a family-run shop in India, the focus is on family friendly coffee.This family-friendly coffee shop was opened byRead More

Australian banking regulator says no longer accepting bitcoin payment, says it’s a ‘bizarre idea’

The Australian Financial Commission says it no longer accepts bitcoin payments as of November 30, 2019.The statement says it is a ‘crazy idea’.The AFC said it was “determined to ensure that the bitcoin community has full confidence in the integrity of its digital currency payment systems”.It said it would consider whether it should continue toRead More

The perfect family coffee shop for your coffee-fueled weekend

A new family coffee-themed store in Melbourne’s north is the perfect gift for the festive season.The cafe will be opened at the same site where the family’s coffee shop has been since it opened in December last year.Owner Alex Johnson is determined to keep it that way.“My dad and I have been doing this forRead More