When to buy a house with your kids

What you need to know about the homebuyer’s guide to the United States.The American dream, a phrase that describes the American dream as a land of opportunity for all, is fading, with many Americans living in their parents’ basements.More than 50 million Americans, or about 3.4% of the population, live with their parents, according toRead More

When to call a cab for a new family friend

New Yorkers will have to get used to having a new partner soon.If you’re a couple and looking to get married, you might have to wait a bit longer.In fact, there is no shortage of couples waiting for the day they’ll get married.The American Civil Liberties Union reports that the number of marriages in NewRead More

How to buy a new pair of shoes for a black family in India

A new book, Family Shopping India: A Black Family’s Guide to Finding the Best Shoes for Their African-Indian Family, will be released next week.The book is based on interviews with black and white families who had bought and sold shoes for generations, from the time of independence to the present day.The authors say the bookRead More

How to be a black man in Africa

By Chris Williams | 05/17/2018 | 04:42:17It can seem like you’re in a black-and-white world when you’re on the street, but you are in a world of colour.Here are a few things you need to know about African-American culture and identity in the United States.1.Afro-Americans are more likely to live in urban areas than otherRead More