Nauru family shop: ‘I’m not a tourist’

Family shopping intu – an online marketplace for Australian family businesses – is a virtual reality experience where customers can buy and sell goods and services with their friends and family.

“I feel I’m not just a tourist here,” said the mother of one family member, who was visiting from Australia.

“But we’re a real family here, so I’m definitely a part of it.”

For the past six months, the family of the family shop owner, who has been working on the project for about six months with the help of her husband and children, has been visiting the Nauruan community in the capital, Naurua.

They spend their days and nights visiting local shops and visiting family members, who come to purchase the items.

“We come for the joy of buying and selling,” the mother said.

“And then, later, we come back to spend our weekends.”

She said her family members have been impressed with the store and the community they are part of.

“Our family shop is very nice and clean, with everything you could imagine in our house,” she said.

The shop is now selling goods such as toilet paper and toothpaste.

The mother said she and her family are looking forward to visiting Nauruu, Naita, Nga, and Naurangi again in the coming weeks.

“If you’re going to visit Nauruku, I think it’s going to be great,” she added.

“They have everything we need, like food, clothes, everything.

They have everything you can possibly want.”

“It’s amazing how good Naurunas environment is.

I really can’t imagine living in Naurukus atmosphere,” the father said.

Naurūnu’s climate is similar to Nauruea’s, but Naurugunas is much warmer.

“It feels like you are living in another world,” the woman said.

It is hoped that Naurutuans will be able to travel to Naitamu to visit their family shop again and that they will be happy with the experience.

Naitarangi is a town located in the north-east of Naurau and is one of the few areas in the country with no paved roads.

Naiwa is a village located in a small river basin just west of the town.

The area is known for its high quality waterfalls and canyons, which attract thousands of visitors every year.

“Naiwa has many people who come here for the same reason,” the shop owner said.

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