How the German food industry can create a family-owned business with the family’s grocery shopping

Family-owned shops are a big deal in Germany.

Every household in Germany can have a shop that they own or that they manage and use to sell their products.

For example, many families have a family store, a grocery shop, or even a home-based business that they run themselves.

There are plenty of examples of family-led businesses.

In the United States, the family-run grocery chain Safeway, which operates about 1,400 stores, has about 20,000 members.

German family-driven businesses are making a big impact in Germany as well.

Family-run shops have grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, according to data from the German Statistics Office.

There were about 7,500 family-managed businesses in Germany in 2015, up from about 2,300 in 2008, according the German National Statistical Office.

In 2015, German families made up about 13% of all small businesses, up slightly from 12% in 2008.

In Germany, family-based businesses account for about one-third of all family-operated businesses.

It’s a big shift in business models that has helped drive down the cost of living and improve consumer spending habits, according a report from the National Institute of Economic Research.

The report found that family-ownership has been shown to have a positive impact on family income, and families can save about $7,000 per year compared to a non-family business owner.

In addition, family businesses can attract new customers and attract investment in the local economy.

Family businesses can also help foster economic growth.

A recent study by the German Economic Association showed that family businesses generated nearly 6% of German exports in 2015.

Family owners can also reduce costs for the government by reducing the number of hours employees work.

Families can also invest in infrastructure, and businesses can invest in technology.

“We are a family business, and family businesses are important for economic growth,” said Andreas Schmid, president of the Family and Personal Care Association.

“Family businesses are good for employment, they are good to local economies, and they are important to the country.”

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