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The world’s richest family is enjoying the latest in luxury goods and services in a new home in a historic mansion in Florida, with its stunning surroundings including the sea and ocean views.

The billionaire and his wife, the world’s fourth richest woman, are on the move as they move to Florida to start a new life in the sunshine state.

The move will leave a gap of almost 1,000 square feet in the family home in West Palm Beach, Florida, but will provide them with more space for new projects including the addition of a new store in the city of Tampa.

It is the latest twist in the saga of the family’s fortunes and the latest sign of the enormous wealth that the family, whose real name is the Dons, now control.

A spokesman for the family told the Associated Press the move is expected to cost $1bn (£1.3bn) to $1.6bn, but the couple’s assets, including the house, are estimated to be in excess of $100bn.

“We are delighted to have a home in Florida where we can relax and enjoy our lives,” the spokesman, Kevin Cogan, told the AP.

“It will help us to create a family that we will cherish for generations to come.”

The move to the new home will give the Don family more time to focus on other pursuits.

The family have also announced plans to create and expand an art gallery in Tampa and to open a boutique hotel.

In recent years, the Donts have diversified their holdings and created a portfolio of luxury brands, including Rolex watches, Chanel perfume and luxury brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Versace.

The couple have also developed their own luxury-goods brands, such as Hermès, Louis Pompidou and Hermèses.

Their business empire includes the retail chain Hermè’s, the clothing and footwear retailer Louis Vuits and the luxury-home-improvement company HermèSciences.