What you need to know about the ABC’s new $5 million business, ‘Bates Family Shop’

Family Auto Shop is moving into a brand new, $5M office in Sydney’s CBD.

The business was set up by the ABC to focus on family auto shopping, but has expanded into all sorts of other categories.

We’re really excited to welcome Bates Family Shop to the ABC, with our new office in the heart of the CBD, our new store in the Central Business District and the new store at Waverley in Sydney Central.

“We believe that family auto shops are the perfect vehicle for delivering the ABC News brand of journalism, and that’s why we’re here to deliver it here,” said ABC director of news, James O’Brien.

He said Bates Family Auto is “a brand of media that we feel has the potential to be truly iconic in its own right”.

“Bates is one of the most influential family auto shop brands in Australia, and they’re the first to bring the ABC brand of family shopping to our new retail location,” Mr O’Brian said.

Bates will be the ABC Australia’s new flagship retail store, in addition to its current outlets in the CBD and the CBD East.

This is the first store for the ABC as part of a $5m funding package announced last month, which is the equivalent of $4.4m for the company.

In addition to the new ABC store, Bates will have a range of other products available from the ABC.

One of its most popular brands is the ABC Sport website, which has been the subject of a significant amount of criticism in recent years, after the ABC announced that it was to sell the site in 2020.

Other brands which have been criticised include the ABC Travel and Travel Plus, as well as the ABCs Australian Edition and ABC Radio One.

On its ABC News site, Bates says it is a “partner with our global partners in a partnership that will see our brands, content and services delivered across the ABC”.

In a statement, the ABC said it was “very proud” of the new office, which will be used “for the ABC Business Channel and our new ABC News app”.

Bears-Eye and The ABC are the new owners of the Bates family brand of automotive-related businesses, which include Bates Family Shopping, Bates Family Sports and Bates Family Automotive.

The ABC has invested in The Bates Family Business in the past and is a major investor in The Bays Family Shopping business.

ABC News is the only Australian television channel owned by the same parent company as The Baxters, the Baxter family, which owns the ABC and ABC radio and the ABC news.

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