What do you think about the Cochlear Homekit?

FourFourtwo readers responded: One thing that surprised me was how many people were still in shock after learning about the possible dangers of the Homekit.

The device has been around for a couple of years now, but it’s been marketed in Australia and abroad and there have been many reports of people having to take their Cochleas out of their earbuds, which are designed to mimic the sounds of their cochlear implants.

This isn’t the first time people have reported hearing loss after using the HomeKit, with some hearing loss sufferers even finding out their co-pay had been deducted from their bills. 

The Australian Health and Medical Research Council (AHSMC) said it would investigate the claims made in the new research. 

“We have received reports of hearing loss associated with Homekit devices in the past but are unable to confirm these reports,” the AHSMC said.

“The AHSMRC is not investigating the claims of hearing and vision loss associated as a result of this product.”

Read more about the device and hearing loss: Here’s a summary of the new evidence about hearing loss from the AHRMC: It’s not clear whether the new studies are representative of the general population, but a spokesperson for the Australian Medical Association said it was “extremely concerned” about the claims being made and that it would “monitor these claims carefully”.

“As the AHA is a member of the AHTC, we will closely monitor the latest research findings as part of our ongoing work to develop best practice recommendations for hearing protection,” the spokesperson said.

The AHTMRC said it had no plans to ban HomeKit from its members’ healthcare systems, although it said it could take action if it was determined that HomeKit was “unjustified”.

“If we determine that Homekit has become inappropriate in a healthcare setting, we would consider recommending that the device should be removed from the healthcare system,” it said.

“This would not be an absolute ban, but would require further analysis of the product and would not take any action on its own.”

Read More about hearing and hearing damage

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