The family shop that has inspired the film Collingsworth: ‘We have always dreamed of opening this place’

This is a brand new family shop.

But the owner is very keen to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its opening.

“It’s the most memorable part of my life.

When I opened Collings and I was looking for the right spot, I thought I had to do it here.

I was thinking that there’s no way I could go out to buy anything, but then I came to see this and realised I’d been dreaming of this moment.

I went to see the place and it just blew me away.

I think the family shop was the inspiration for the movie Collings, it’s a wonderful story and I’m very happy to be a part of that.

The shop is named after a collingwood, an Australian timber species.

Collings is also known as Collingwood.

It is the most common timber in Australia, with one million trees in the state.

In 2014, Collings was named the Australian Christmas Tree of the Year by the Forestry Commission of Victoria.

It has been open since 1992.

This year, the owner said they would also be celebrating the 50th anniversary.

Collings is a family business, with all of its family members having worked there.

Their aim is to help families make the transition from being part of the local community to becoming part of a bigger family business.

Its very difficult for families to make the move.

You see, we have always dreamt of opening a family shop and it’s not something that we can always do.

It’s a very personal process.

The family that started the business, the dad, started the shop as a kid and is the current owner.

We have two sisters and a brother.

We all love the same things and we all know each other, we are all very close to each other and we’ve worked in similar environments, we’re just happy to share that with the community and with each other.

They also believe that it is a good idea to support small businesses that are in trouble and want to get out of the way of the big players, like the supermarkets.

What makes Collings different?

Collings has always been about giving back to the community.

Its been an important part of our family life.

The dad started Collings when he was a teenager, and he said that the first Christmas he opened the shop he thought, “I want to give back”.

The owners have had to work hard in order to maintain a low turnover, but they still manage to sell about a million trees a year.

They have been running it for the past 25 years and have always kept it open.

You might not realise it, but Collings isn’t just a family run business.

It has also been used by many people who are on the dole.

And there is an amazing story behind Collings.

I remember going into the shop, when we were doing a census, the door was always open.

I didn’t even know that this was a Christmas shop, but it was very important for us.

I thought, we should keep going, I should keep doing this.

So that’s why I did it for 25 years.

But the store also has its own brand.

The shop is called Collings Family Shop, but that is a little different to the name.

The name Collings stands for the Collings family, which includes the owner, two of his brothers, two sisters, and their brother.

When the family first opened the business they were struggling, and that was when the shop was still being run by a single father, and then one of the brothers took over.

There are now three generations of the family in the business and all of them are proud of their role in making it happen.

One of the best things about the business is that its been open for 25 year.

It was a tough place to be when it was new, and it still is.

But we have grown so much since then and we still have a lot of the same people working there, and the shop still has the same character.

Read more: The new film Collingworth: The family photos collingswell family shop When you think about how much money you make and the things you do with it, you can see why it’s so important.

So when we started the film we wanted to give an insight into how people work in Collings by looking at some of the challenges that people face, like getting an education and having a job.

Over the years, the business has been growing and has become a real family business for many people.

The Collings shop also hosts events and events for children and adults.

People who are not working full time but still have to take care of themselves are always welcome to come and come in and hang out with us.

As the owner of the Colling family

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