How to use the free ‘Smart Shopping’ feature to get more bang for your buck

Posted November 09, 2019 07:18:36With the holidays around the corner, there’s nothing better than shopping at a discount with a great deal on the internet.

But the best deals aren’t always easy to find.

There’s one way to find the deals at the best price without spending the big bucks on a big ticket item.

We’ve got you covered with the new Smart Shopping feature in the store, so you can find out what the big deals are right now at the checkout and then save big on your next purchase.

This article contains affiliate links.

Read our disclosure policy for more details.1.

Get a free credit card to sign up with2.

Set up an account with Amazon Prime3.

Use the promo code ‘SMART’ to get $10 off at checkout.4.

Click ‘add to cart’5.

Click the ‘add’ button6.

Enter the promocode to confirm your order7.

Wait until the checkout is complete8.

Click on the ‘Close’ button.9.

Your new Amazon Prime membership card is added to your Amazon account.10.

You’ll see your purchase history in your Amazon Dashboard, where you can track your purchases, including your purchases from the past.1a.

Save $10 per purchase when you buy online through Amazon Prime with Amazon Gift Cards.2a.

Get $10 credit on your Amazon Prime account for every $100 you spend at checkout through Amazon Gift cards.2b.

Spend $10 on any Amazon Prime member-only product(s) in store with Amazon gift cards, then receive $10 back on your first purchase.3.

Set your Amazon gift card up for 10% off for an entire calendar year, with the option to buy up to $100 of the same product online per month.4a.

Enter your Amazon promo code and purchase $100 worth of products in store.4b.

Enter a promo code, enter your Amazon credit card, and pay with Amazon credit cards.5.

Check out an Amazon Prime video, and then click on the “Save” button.6.

Click “Submit” and wait until the store closes.7.

Once your order is placed, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your new credit card.8.

When your order has shipped, you can redeem the gift card using the “Refund” button, which can be found on the product page of the product(or any other Amazon product page).9.

You can use the promo codes that you entered in the checkout to get up to 10% of the purchase price back in your account.

You can set up a new Amazon credit or debit card with Amazon Credit or debit cards.

For the most up-to-date information on how to set up an Amazon credit, see our help center article for more information.1A: Amazon credit and debit cards can be used in the US and Canada.2A: If you use a credit card from the US or Canada, your Amazon Credit card must be in good standing and approved by Amazon.

The card is subject to verification.

The cards will not be charged if they are not approved.

Amazon reserves the right to deny your card if it has been expired or denied for fraudulent activities.

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