How to make the best t-shirt from scratch

You can’t make a t-shirts in your garage without a few DIY steps.

We’re not saying you should, but if you’re not sure where to start, this tutorial might help.

First, assemble the t-side panels.

You can use this handy step-by-step guide to figure out what panels will be needed.

Next, grab a sheet of cardstock, cut it to fit your project, and spray paint the front and back.

The front and rear panels should be painted a darker shade of brown, or at least be able to tell they’re t-square panels.

The back panel is probably going to be painted black, and the front is going to need to be a bit lighter, so spray paint that as well.

Next up, you’re going to lay down your fabric.

It’s probably best to use a thick layer of card stock for this part, so you can lay the fabric flat, not overlapping it with the fabric underneath.

Lay the cardstock down, with the backing of a towel, and then wrap it around the front of the tshirt to create a rectangle, with a little bit of space between each rectangle.

This creates a square, and helps it look a bit better when folded.

You might want to cut out the tz pattern in the back of the card stock to help the tshirts stay flat.

Make sure the pattern is centered around the back panel, and that the corners are not uneven.

You want the turtleneck to fit snugly against the front panel, but the edges are a bit wider than the tassel-like lines.

To make the tshirts, you will need three pieces of fabric.

The first one will be the front fabric, and it’s going to have a few edges that aren’t perfectly centered.

The second one is the back fabric, which is going be slightly more tapered than the front.

The third one is your t-sleeve fabric, since we’ll be making a shirt with a collar.

Cut out two pieces of each.

One piece is going the front, the other is going back.

You’ll cut two pieces each for the front two, the back two, and for the back three.

This is where you start cutting out the seams.

Cut a long piece of card that fits over the front part of the shirt.

Put the front card into the back pocket, and use the back card to sew along the edge of the front piece.

Fold the back piece over and sew along all four edges of the back and front pieces together, starting at the center of the top edge and ending just past the top of the bottom edge.

This will make the front t-stitch a little wider, and help it fit better against the shirt’s body.

You may also want to trim off the excess tape at the top and bottom of the fabric, so that it’s less noticeable when you take it off.

Cut three more pieces, each for each of the two front panels.

One is going on the front seam, the second is the front top, and one is going at the back.

Cut these pieces in the same way as the front pieces.

Fold each of these pieces over and then sew along each of those four edges, starting from the center and ending at the front edge.

These two t-snips will be used to make a collar on the shirt, so fold them over and stitch them up along the inside edge.

Using a long stitch, sew along one of the corners of each piece to create the cuffs.

The next piece is your sleeve.

Cut the long piece that’s going the back, so it’s about half an inch longer than the one that’s coming down the front side of the panel.

Fold it over and cut it into four pieces.

One will go on the back side, the next one will go along the front back, and so on.

Now you need to lay out the rest of the pieces.

Take the front panels and lay them out.

If you’re using the same piece of fabric for all three panels, just lay the front strips on top of each other, then fold them back up to form a rectangle.

Fold over the bottom piece, then over the top piece, and over the sides of the strip, so the whole fabric is now covered by the front strip.

Lay down the fabric for the sleeves, and cut two more strips of fabric that will be overlapping the sleeves.

Fold one of these strips into a triangle, and fold the other down into a square.

Lay one of those strips over the inside of the sleeve, and sew them together with a long, thin stitch.

You’re going a little long to sew this part of your shirt, but it’s not necessary.

You should now have a pair of rectangular sleeves.

Take one of each sleeve and lay it flat on a table.

Use a ruler to mark the exact line between the first and second sleeve.

The width of the rectangle you just created will

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