Family Health Shop Moscow opens up shop to sell children’s vitamins and supplements

Moscow is the first town in the world to offer a family health shop and a family shopping website, according to the Moscow Family Health Centre.

Moscova, a branch of the same family that runs the Moscovite City Centre, is the brainchild of one of the city’s local business leaders, Sivir Afasova, who is a mother of two young daughters.

“Moscow is very different to other cities, we are in a unique situation.

There are only three shops in the city, and the shop we have is the only one.

It’s the only shop in Moscova selling vitamin supplements and vitamins,” Afasov said.

The new centre is expected to open in mid-November.

Afasv said the aim was to provide access to products that were not readily available in other areas.

“I wanted to provide something that people would be able to afford.

This is a good opportunity for us to be able sell the vitamins we already have,” Afsova said.”

This is an opportunity for the community to have access to something that is not readily accessible to other people.”

Afassov said that while the store was not as big as a traditional grocery store, the health benefits of the products were obvious.

Families could buy vitamins and minerals from the health centre, but Afasovich said they could also use the products to make their own vitamin capsules.

She said that with the new store, people would have access not only to their own products, but also to products from other people’s collections.

In a bid to boost the health of the local community, the centre is also working on expanding its product range.

Afasova said she wanted to help Moscow become a “community centre”.

“There are only two shops in Moscow selling vitamin capsules, and they are the only ones selling those.

We want to offer our community something that we don’t have, and that’s a health centre,” she said. 

“We want to have a health center that is open to everybody, not just the rich and the famous.

This centre will serve all Moscowans.”

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