Daughter of the janes brothers says her dad is dead: ‘I never saw him again’

JANE JANE’S KITCHEN has been flooded by visitors as the family of her former boyfriend, the former owner of the popular Family Tree shop, closes for good.

Ms Janes family business, which had been run by her father, was closed in February as he fought cancer and his family were forced to sell their home in Sydney’s west.

The family, whose home is in the Brisbane suburb of West Footscray, said the closure was devastating for the shop’s family and friends.

“We have a good history with them, so when it all happens it really does leave a hole in our family,” Mrs Janes said.

“My parents, my sister and I, we never got to know him as a person and a husband, so we just wanted to make sure that he was ok.”

The family has also been forced to close the shop on Sundays as they try to keep their business afloat.

“I am a huge fan of Family Tree.

I loved the stories, the way it made me laugh,” Mrs Jones said.

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