Which is better: a Chinese-style supermarket or a Japanese-style Japanese-type grocery?

In the past, Chinese-inspired grocery stores and Japanese-inspired groceries have been synonymous, but it seems that the two are going their separate ways in 2017.

As of today, you can visit both stores, but in a bid to diversify the options, the brands have announced a new joint venture to sell family-friendly products.

According to the brand’s blog, the new joint ventures aims to increase the number of Japanese-themed stores by adding more than 30 stores in Shanghai and other regions.

This joint venture will also provide a boost for the Japanese market, as it is expected that the number will increase. 

For the sake of convenience, we have chosen to call this new joint enterprise Family-friendly Goods, as its name implies.

It will allow for a wider range of products to be sold at one place.

The joint venture is also expected to bring the Chinese grocery market more in line with the Japanese grocery market.

 “Family-friendly goods are one of the most sought-after items in our country, and as more and more Japanese families begin to visit China, they will increasingly seek out Japanese-styled and Japanese grocery stores,” said Li Hui, president of Shanghai-based company, Cushion Co., as quoted by local media.

“The Chinese grocery industry is also seeing a lot of growth, and with the growth of the Japanese-dominated market, we will also see an increase in the number and quality of the products we will be able to offer our customers,” he added.

While the new partnership with Family-Friendly Goods is an exciting development, it may be a bit too soon to expect that Japanese- and Chinese-styling products will become a common sight in Chinese grocery stores.

The main challenge for the Chinese brand is the fact that there are not many retailers willing to stock both Japanese and Chinese products.

This joint venture, which will also offer a range of different Japanese and Korean products, is expected to increase its selection of Japanese products.

Although the joint venture does not have a store location yet, it is already opening two stores in Hong Kong and one in Shanghai.

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