When your kids wake up and ask, ‘What’s up?'”

Modern family shops, car shopping and family fly shops are among the most popular places for family members to shop for new clothes, toys, furniture and other items.

But in a trend that could be coming to a store near you, some customers are saying they’re getting a little too cozy.

Some are calling the trend “modern family therapy” and others say it’s a sign of a more cozy world.

But the backlash is growing.

Some customers say they feel “comforted” being close to a family member who has dementia.

Some are also calling the practice “modern-day dementia therapy.”

Some of the new toys being sold at some of the shops are designed to make children more “cuddly” in order to keep them in line, while others are intended to be more “parent-friendly” and provide more toys for children to use.

But others are questioning whether it’s being done intentionally to keep family members in line and are calling out the stores for their perceived lack of care and concern for children.

“I think it’s really strange, I mean it seems to be an intentional way to keep families apart and I think that’s kind of weird,” said one woman.

“There are a lot of people who don’t really know much about it, but it’s like, ‘Well, you know, this is really cool, we don’t have any dementia.’

And they’re like, that’s cool, I’m not going to buy that.’

It’s really weird.””

It’s a little bit creepy, a little little bit offensive, but people are kind of making this out to be a therapy, that they’re making it for them to feel good about being with their family,” said another.

“And it’s not.”

The stores, which are located in many major cities, have received backlash from the public as well.

One store owner, who wanted to remain anonymous, said many customers are feeling “traumatized” by the stores and are asking whether the store is “modernizing dementia.”

Some are even calling out their own families as well, saying they have not received any therapy from them.

“It makes me so uncomfortable to see how my children feel.

Like I’m their parent, I have a relationship with them,” said the woman who did not want to be identified.”

You’re supposed to be their parents.

I mean, it’s kind, it just makes me feel like a terrible parent.”

One woman was so upset she called the store directly and said she was leaving.

“The people who work here don’t know about it.

They’re doing their best, but I just feel like they’re not doing their job,” she said.

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