When will the next Android Wear smartwatch come out?

We are still waiting on Android Wear 2.0 to arrive, but if you’re one of the few who hasn’t bought one yet, there’s a good chance that it will arrive before long.

Android Wear has been a little quiet on the devices front, but we have a feeling that it’s about to get much more interesting in the near future.

The Android Wear team has confirmed that the first smartwatch to be announced will be a smartwatch with an OLED display.

This will be the Moto 360, and it will be out sometime in March.

This is a significant upgrade from what we’ve seen so far, as the Moto G4 is a phone-sized wearable with a 5.5-inch display that you can’t really wear on the wrist.

Motorola’s smartwatch will also sport a new band and sensor design that should help it feel more like a regular watch.

This means that it should be much more like the Pebble Time, which is the first to ditch the traditional analog display.

Android Watch 2.x is also expected to come with some pretty big updates that will make it more comfortable to wear.

The first update will bring the new Moto 360 smartwatch (pictured above) to life.

It should come with the usual Moto Connect feature, which lets you wirelessly pair the watch with any Android device.

The second update will be made to support Moto 360’s latest camera features, which should bring more advanced video recording and video editing features.

The third update will enable the watch to automatically sync to the Moto GPS, which will let it sync with Google’s mapping services.

And finally, the fourth update will make the watch more convenient to wear by allowing it to vibrate and alert you of incoming text messages and phone calls.

It’s going to be a big update that you probably won’t be able to miss out on, but the wait is going to last for a while.

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