What you need to know about the Ingham family store in Brisbane

With a reputation for cutting-edge home furnishings, the Ingraham family shop is located at the heart of Brisbane’s CBD.

The Inghams have been selling a wide range of Australian brands for over a century.

Their most popular brands include H.B.S. , The H.C. Bennett, Lace, Lotte, and Lululemon.

Their second shop, the Family Shop, was opened in October 2018 and opened its doors to the public in January 2019.

They have also been featured in numerous magazines, including The Sydney Morning Herald, The Canberra Times and The Sunday Age.

Their third and final shop, Family Boutique, opened its first branch in February 2018.

Its a well-known Melbourne-based brand which has a reputation of quality in its home furnishments.

The Family Boutiques in Brisbane has been a popular destination for families to visit for a fun, family-friendly shopping experience.

The store is located in the corner of Southbank and Elizabeth Streets, next to the iconic Ingham Street Shopping Centre.