What you need to know about the ‘Family Flower Shop’

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a “family flower” event at the family flower shop in West Hollywood.

They were selling $5 flowers and they had a large pot of hot chocolate with a cup of hot tea.

I noticed that the women were dressed in casual clothes, with long skirts and high heels.

The men wore shirts and jeans, which were the only things that were noticeable about them.

I noticed that their haircuts looked better than the women’s.

One woman was wearing a dark red bikini with a black bikini top, and the other woman was in a white bikini with her hair in a ponytail.

At one point, I noticed a woman holding a cup and a bottle of hot coffee.

“I don’t have a hot coffee, I need a hot flower,” the woman said.

As the day progressed, I thought the women and I were at the same store.

However, as we walked past, I realized that they were in a different shop.

When I looked around, I saw that there was a small sign outside.

There was no sign saying, “Family Flower,” or “Family Tea Shop,” or anything like that.

This was just a small shop.

There were just some small tables with some flowers and cups of hot hot tea on them.

I was surprised by the lack of signage.

Then I noticed two of the women had a black and white baby doll on their lap.

The dolls looked like they were just playing with the babies.

After some time passed, I began to think that maybe I should just leave.

So I left.

It was only when I walked outside the store that I noticed the signs had changed.

The women were still there, but the signs were replaced with a bright yellow sign that said, “FRIENDS AND FAMILY.”

As I was walking towards the exit, I looked up to see a woman in the shop.

She was wearing her wedding dress.

I asked if she was the new employee.

She said she was, but she would have to leave to go back to work.

I walked away.

That day, I took the family photo and took it with my phone to my friend.

Within minutes, my friend posted the picture to Facebook, asking me what I thought about the changes.

What I think about the signs and the baby dolls is that they have done nothing to help the community in Westwood.

How about they remove all of the signage and replace it with something positive?

What about the “family” section?

What about the words “family.”

How can we say “family,” “family flowers,” and “family tea shop” in West Orange?

Where are all of these signs?

I am so tired of seeing signs that say “Family” and “Family tea shop.”

Why are we not getting this kind of community support in West Los Angeles?

I am so angry.

Please, people, do something about this.

Thank you, West Orange, for showing your community that you care.

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