The Latest on Hurricane Maria

The Latest: Hurricane Maria leaves more than a million people without power and has brought heavy rain and winds to the Caribbean islands of Barbados, St. Kitts and Nevis and the Dominican Republic.

The hurricane is expected to bring winds of at least 75 mph, and gusts of at a top speed of 120 mph, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Residents of Barbuda, St Kitts, Nevis, St Lucia and St. Lucia are asked to be prepared to evacuate.

The U.S. Virgin Islands will also remain closed, although residents can return to their homes and businesses after sunset.

A curfew has been imposed in Barbados for the first time since the storm hit on Sunday.

In St. Vincent and the Grenadines, residents are asked not to leave their homes until 7 a.m.


The island’s governor says the island will not be able to withstand a Category 5 storm and that residents should prepare for the worst.

Residents are encouraged to use air conditioning and water heaters.

Residents who can’t leave their home by 9 a.

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