How to buy a new pair of shoes for a black family in India

A new book, Family Shopping India: A Black Family’s Guide to Finding the Best Shoes for Their African-Indian Family, will be released next week.

The book is based on interviews with black and white families who had bought and sold shoes for generations, from the time of independence to the present day.

The authors say the book has a deep understanding of the way families in India and in Africa interact, and is a guide for black and brown families to find the best pair of footwear for themselves.

The story begins in 1966, when Roshan, a black child from Gujarat, was brought to a farm near Sion, India, by his grandmother.

The family lived in a cramped hut on the outskirts of the city of Kolkata, where Rosh was brought up.

In the early 70s, Rosh’s mother and father moved to Sion and Rosh began learning English and studying at the school.

In 1979, Risya, the eldest of the three girls, was born.

The book says that Risia’s father was the son of a white family from the south-western state of Kerala.

In 1984, Riha, Rishabh and Nizam joined their mother and grandmother in their home in the village of Sankalp, near Kolkatta.

They were all members of the Bodo community, an ethnic group from the east who were traditionally considered to be less observant of traditions.

By 1985, they were all over the world.

They all grew up in a small village, the Bindu Community, on the banks of the Ganga.

As children, they spent summers and winters in the Bodi forest near Kollam.

The children lived in two separate houses and often shared the same toilet.

At school, they played cricket with their classmates.

But when the family moved to the outskirts, they moved to a rented house, where their children had a small courtyard.

There was also a small playground and tennis court, but it was not much use for them.

As Rosh and his friends grew older, they started to look for a more permanent home for them in the neighbourhood.

A year later, they decided to go to a local shoe shop.

But the owner was not interested in their aspirations.

They could only dream of going back to the Biji Community.

But then in 1989, Rishi, Risha and a few friends visited a small town in the same district, and were immediately drawn to a house with a garden.

The owner gave them a place to live in the garden.

After that, they took their new home with them to the city.

In 1990, Roshi’s family moved back to their original village.

In 1991, Rizwan, Risa and Risha joined Rosh in the house.

Rosh had been playing cricket and was a keen tennis player, but he was too lazy to study in the gardens.

He did not want to leave the family.

He wanted to live and work together with his parents.

But he could not afford to buy the house in which they lived in.

He had a family loan of Rs 2 lakh to pay for the house, and they could not borrow money from anyone.

He started looking for other places to buy houses, and eventually he found a property on the Ganges riverbank, just below the city’s main commercial and residential districts.

The house was a three-storey house with two bedrooms, and a two-storeys bathroom.

The family used to buy cheap shoes in the morning, and then go to the shop to buy their daily needs.

For a while, the house was so small that they had to take taxis.

They rented out the two floors of the house to the local traders and got money to buy shoes.

In 1994, the family bought a three storeys house for Rs 3.4 lakh.

The new house was well-made, and it looked like it had been built by the local people, who were skilled in building homes.

It was also well-appointed.

But it had an iron fence.

The owners decided to put up a gate to keep outsiders out, and to keep out outsiders from entering.

The fence made them feel unsafe, so they decided that the house should not be used for any other purpose.

They put a wooden gate outside the gate, so that it would be easily accessible for visitors.

The next year, the neighbours told the police that they would not let the house be used as a guest house.

The police told them that if they did not allow the gate to be removed, they would be arrested and charged with rioting.

In the meantime, the police would not allow Risha and Rishi to go back to Sankale for their own reasons.

The police had asked Rishi and Rishas to sign a waiver that they could go home at any time.

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