How to buy a family prescription online

When you shop for a family medical prescription online, it’s important to ensure you’re getting the right product and getting the correct size.

The BBC’s Yg Family Shop has put together a handy guide for you to help you out.

If you’ve got a prescription online and you’re worried about getting it right, you might want to ask the pharmacist about the size.


Find out what size your prescription is 2.

Get the correct prescription 3.

Check out the size of the medication If you buy from a pharmacy, be sure to check out the label on the medication to make sure you get the right size.

A prescription can be filled up to a size of 30.


Finding a pharmacist The pharmacist you speak to should be able to give you a size comparison.

Ask the pharmacy if they will accept a prescription with a different size.

They should also tell you how much of the medicine you’re buying is in a bottle or capsule.


How to get the correct medication If your prescription has been filled up, the pharmaceutically appropriate size is determined by the medication you take and how much you take.

For example, a drug that contains the same amount of the active ingredient may be labelled differently on the bottle or in a capsule.

If your medicine contains a different active ingredient, you may need to take another dose of the same medication to determine the correct dose.

For more information about medicine, read our guide on how to get an accurate dose.


If the size is different, ask for more information from the pharmacompanist If you’re unsure if your medication is in the correct bottle or capsules, ask the pharmacy if the pharmacies website will give you the correct amount of medicine or ask the doctor if they’ll let you use a different medication.

You can also ask the health information officer at the pharmacy to help with this.


Ask if they can fit a medication into a smaller bottle If you need a medication that has to be carried in a smaller size, ask them if they have a small bottle.

Ask them if the medication is fit in the bottle.

You may also ask if they offer a special prescription or if they carry out a special order.


Read the label before you buy Your pharmacist should read the label carefully and if it’s different, they may need more information.


Check the size before you start buying If you find that the medication in your bottle is different from the size in the prescription, you should be aware that you’re taking into account the size that your medicine is.

If it’s a small medication, you need to ask your pharmacist to tell you if it fits into a larger bottle.


Check if your medicine fits in a container You might want a container that fits the size you need.

Ask your pharmacy for a size guide and if they say no, ask about filling a bigger bottle.


Take your medicine with a spoon If you want to make a batch of medicine that is suitable for taking with a syringe, ask your doctor if it can be made with a smaller spoon.

If they say yes, use a small spoon and feed the medicine through the syringe with the spoon.

You should then add the spoon to the container of medicine and leave it in the fridge.

If not, you can put the medicine into the medicine container with the needle or other utensils and leave the medicine in the refrigerator for up to three days.


Use a different medicine If you notice that you need medication for a condition that is different to the medicine that you’ve bought, you’ll need to try different medications to see if you’re still getting the same results.

Ask for a medication from the medicine cabinet or ask your health information officers if you need help.

For a more detailed guide on taking medication with a medication cabinet, read this guide.


Get a sample of the medicines You can take a sample from a medicine cabinet if you’ve ordered the medicine from the pharmacy or a health information inspector at the pharma and it’s in the wrong size.

It’s also important to note that a medicine may be more than 10ml in size.


How much of a medicine is in one pill?

It’s important that you take the correct dosage to get a correct result.

A correct dose can be determined by looking at the label or by taking a pill that has the correct concentration of the drug in it.

This can be helpful if you have an irregular or inconsistent amount of medication.

Find the correct drug by using the pill calculator below.

Your prescription will have a drug concentration on the bottom of the bottle and on the side of the pill label.

This is how much medication is needed to achieve the correct result: If you have the correct quantity of medication in a pill, it means that you have a correct amount to take each day.

The correct dose will usually be different if you take a smaller or larger pill.

For an example