When your grandma dies, what you’ll find in her gravesite

MOSCOW (Reuters) – The tombstones and other relics at a Russian cemetery will remind Russian citizens that their grandparents were killed in World War Two, as they mark the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of World War Three.

The Russian state agency for the cemetery will also be displaying the tombstones from the World War One memorials.

The gravesites will feature the graves of the victims of World, World II and World War II in the Russian city of Rostov, where the Soviet Union fell in 1945.

The graves are in the main cemetery of the city, and the city will hold a ceremony at the cemetery to mark the centenary of the war.

The cemetery has been a centre for remembrance for the victims for centuries, and a few of them are buried there, said Elena Deryukina, a spokeswoman for the Russian state cemetery.

She said a large plaque will be installed on the gravesite that will include the names of the people killed, their dates of birth, place of birth and nationality.

The headstone of a Russian soldier stands at a memorial site for the World, WWII and World war three victims at Rostov cemetery, in the Rostov region, Russia September 24, 2020.REUTERS/Alexander DemianchukThe graves will also include the gravestone of the World war one veteran Alexander Demianukina.

The grave is in the central cemetery of Rostow, which is about 2,000 km (1,800 miles) east of Moscow.

The cemetery will hold its annual commemoration ceremony on Saturday, Deryubina said.

In a ceremony on Thursday, the tombstone of an unnamed World War one veteran will be placed on the grave, and also will feature a memorial to the victims and the date of their deaths.

The grave of a World War I soldier is displayed at a cemetery in Rostov September 24 and the headstone for World War two veteran Alexander “Boris” Demianik is displayed in a memorial at the city’s main cemetery in the city of Novosibirsk September 24.RE/MAX via REUTERS

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