When to get the haircut

The haircut in the family shop is an essential part of any family budget.

But sometimes, if you’re lucky, the cost of a haircut can be cheaper than buying groceries.

We spoke to two women who have had to make difficult decisions.

Sarah Hager, from Leeds, said that she had a very long-term boyfriend.

“He’s a very big, hairy man.

So I would usually have to go and get the man’s hair cut for me and the whole family, because I didn’t know what I was getting into,” she said.

“If you have a long-standing relationship, I’d get the hair cut, and I think he’d feel like a complete gentleman.”

But Sarah said she wasn’t going to do that now.

“The last time I had my haircut I had to take my clothes off and put my bra on and that took forever.

I can’t do that, and so I’ve decided to just go ahead and get a new haircut.”

When she does decide to get a haircut, Sarah will find herself at a hair salon.

She will also find herself in the supermarket.

Sarah and her partner, Andrew, are both 30, but they have been together for three years.

They both work in the private sector, and Andrew’s career has taken him to Europe.

Sarah, who has worked in the public sector for the past six years, is currently on maternity leave.

“I can’t get pregnant again, so we can’t have kids, so it’s kind of just me and Andrew,” she explained.

Sarah’s boyfriend, who is also 30, has two children.

Sarah said that it is crucial that the couple get the proper haircut, but she said that they will have to make the choice on the spot.

“We’re not going to make any rash decisions,” she insisted.

“As a couple we’re going to be very open, and we’ll talk about what we’re feeling.

But if I’m in the mood for a haircut I’ll just have to say, ‘You know, I just feel like I’m having to do this now’.” Read more: How to save money on haircuts in England and Wales

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