What to know about your state’s best-selling grocery stores

The number of people buying groceries from the grocery store has been on a downward trend for years, and for good reason.

In 2017, grocery stores were at a 40-year low, and as of the end of 2018, just 2% of Americans had used their own carts or the one bought from the company they owned.

But some shoppers are not buying into the trend.

Here are the top 10 grocery stores that are selling out of stock of food items, according to FoodNavigator.com.

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Costco, $5.99 per bag of groceries for $10.99.

The store has already sold out of its $5 billion, 5,000-item selection in 2017, but this year it has already surpassed the store’s $5 million goal.

Costco is offering $5 per bag for the next two weeks, and it’s not even a stretch to imagine it could sell out in two weeks.


Walmart, $8.99 for a single package of $14.99 (up from $9.99 last year).

Walmart, which was the No. 2 grocery store in 2017 and the No: 1 in 2018, announced plans to sell out of $10 billion worth of groceries, but it appears to have hit a brick wall.

Walmart has a $2.5 billion backlog, and the company has been unable to keep pace with the rapid growth of its grocery business.


Trader Joe’s, $6.99 with $1.49 delivery fee per bag.

The company announced that it would be giving shoppers the option of buying a whole bag of goods, a move that could help the chain compete with Costco.

It is not clear how much delivery fee the company will charge for its products, but we expect the price to be more than $1 per bag, which would make it the cheapest option in the market.


Safeway, $2 for a full bag of $5 (up 1% from last year) and a 1.49-ounce delivery fee (up 7%).

The grocery store chain is not doing well financially these days, and we suspect that the price hike will make it difficult for the company to compete with other retailers on price.

Safeways is hoping to raise prices by up to 50% next year, which it expects will lead to higher profits.


Kroger, $7.99 delivery fee for two items (up 5%).

The Kroger chain is the only grocery store that will be offering free delivery of $7 or more in all its stores in 2017.

Krogers’ plan is to offer delivery fees for $7 and $10 items in grocery stores, which will help boost its bottom line.


Whole Foods Market, $3.99 to $4.99 on an order of two items.

The chain is currently offering two items per order: two bags of fresh produce and a two-pack of frozen fruit.

Whole Foods is offering a twofold price hike for the first time in 2017: $3 per bag and $2 per package, and this will apply to all grocery orders.


Trader Joes, $4 delivery fee on an entire order (up 4%).

Trader Joe, which started out selling organic produce, has decided to make its fresh produce cheaper and lower-priced by offering a $4 per bag fee.

TraderJoes has also increased prices for the products it sells in grocery store stores.


Whole Agave, $1 delivery fee or $0.10 per bag (up 9%).

The brand is selling its agave in stores, but Whole Agaves products are still priced the same as what it charges at Trader Joe.

The brand has not revealed how much it will be charging for this service, but many customers are skeptical that the brand is charging too much.


Krohn’s, up to $6 delivery fee ($1 per delivery charge or $1/lb).

Krohn said it is expanding its grocery delivery service by offering delivery fees to any customers who order an entire bag of produce and two boxes of groceries.


Kmart, up $2 to $3 on an orders of one package (up 2%).

The retailer is expanding by adding new locations.

We expect the new Kmart locations to offer the same prices as its current locations, which have been the lowest in the industry.

Read the full list of the top-10 grocery stores here.

What are your favorite grocery stores?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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