A $15 minimum wage law that will drive job loss

IKEA’s new family adventure store in San Diego is taking the next step toward an ambitious plan to get employees to work for free.

The company announced on Tuesday that the first of five new family adventures centers in the U.S. will open in San Francisco by December, with the first to open in Los Angeles by March.

IKEa will have more than 1,100 employees in the San Francisco area by 2019.

The new centers will have a focus on family shopping and adventure, as well as online and in-store services, with a focus in health care, retail, and home furnishings.

The centers will be staffed by people who specialize in family shopping.

The company said in a press release that the centers will also offer family entertainment, education, health care services, home furnishing, and travel.

The San Francisco center will be open from October to March.IKEa also announced it is opening a second family adventure center in Miami, Fla., with more than 600 employees.

The company said it will open the center in February 2019.

It will also have a separate San Diego location, with 800 employees.

IKEA said in its announcement that the San Diego center will employ approximately 250 people, with 40 percent of them working from home.

The Miami location will employ 300 people.

There will also be a third family adventure centers in California, Nevada, Arizona, Florida, and New Mexico.