Why you’re spending less at the grocery store

If you’ve ever wondered why your supermarket purchase seems so much cheaper at the supermarket, now you know why. 

The answer is the freund family shop. 

In the US, the freun family shop is a small business, founded in 1946 by family members. 

Its purpose is to bring people together, and its main customer is the shopper. 

At its peak in the 1960s, there were 50 stores in the US with over 700,000 members.

 Today, there are only three remaining, all located in small towns in the Midwest. 

These three family-owned stores are known for their family-oriented shopping, and the store’s motto is “A shopper’s world.” 

“The freund’s family shop embodies the ideals of a family-friendly shopping experience,” the family shop’s website says. 

“It is not the same place as a mall, but rather the same thing.” 

The family shop has expanded to about 40 stores in Europe, but the mainstay of the business remains the family members who are responsible for the store, said Dan Freund, the president of the family-focused chain. 

He added that this year’s Christmas season, he has received hundreds of calls from members of the public who have been shopping at the freunts family shop during the holiday season. 

Freund said he has a personal connection with the freuns family shop because he grew up in the area and visited them many times over the years.

“It was a great experience, because we went to the store and bought the family items,” he said. 

However, this year, Freund has noticed that the freunt family shop isn’t as popular as it used to be. 

Last year, he said, there was a decrease in visits from families and kids alike. 

Since then, the family has started to get more people to come in and buy their items, he explained. 

Some freunts customers have even been shopping there at times, he added. 

While the freuniks family shop remains one of the few family-centered retail stores in America, the concept is not new in the family. 

There are several other family-related businesses that also specialize in family-themed shopping, including Freund’s American Family Association, which is dedicated to giving back to the local community. 

Another family-centric family-driven business, Frenders family-inspired boutique, also operates in the Chicago area, but its focus is on family-orientated shopping, with a more local focus. 

With so many family-run businesses operating in the same town, Freun said the freUnks family-based business has been able to keep its local focus, and he expects to see that continue this year. 

If you’re planning on buying something at the family store this year for Christmas, you’ll have to shop in person. 

 The freUnk family store will be open on Sunday, December 27 from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., according to the family’s website.

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