What to expect at Prince’s family shop, Maipu in the royal garden

With a focus on fashion and beauty, Maapu is the first of the royal family’s new stores to open in Australia.

Maapu’s new location at the Prince’s Gardens will offer a glimpse into the prince’s innermost thoughts and feelings, from his early childhood to his current love of colour and design.

He said the store was designed to be a place to learn about the prince, his family and his own family history.

“This is a place for the community to connect and celebrate our love of our family, our love for our friends and our love and support for our country,” he said.

“And we think this will be a very positive thing to do in this beautiful place of Prince Harry’s.”

In a statement, the royal said he had “always wanted to be part of the Australian design movement”.

“We are proud of our heritage, we are proud to be Australian, we want to be the best at what we do,” he added.

“So I am looking forward to making the most of the opportunity to share our design with you.”

The new shop, which opened in September, will include a store room with a large display of Harry’s designs.

It will also feature a large range of contemporary and traditional pieces, including leather belts, handbags, bags, jewellery and a range of jewellery accessories.

The Prince has been on a personal visit to Australia since January.

During that time, he’s visited the ABC in Canberra and Brisbane, and toured the Sydney Opera House.

His daughter, Princess Diana, was also on a visit to the ABC.

Last year, the Prince also visited Brisbane, but it was during his visit to Sydney that he received the world’s first press photo of his newborn son, Prince George, who is now 3.

A spokeswoman for the ABC said they were “thrilled” to have the chance to share the royal with the public.


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